Barcelona’s best eats: Part II (2020)

If you haven’t already checked out my original post on Barcelona’s best eats from 2017, then check it out here. I thought I would add a part two as I have been back to Barcelona a few times since then, and I keep discovering more mouth-watering gems and I wanted to share them with you all. I have linked all of their instas below, so you can check out all of their pages. Enjoy!

1. Ikibana // @ikibanabcn

On my last trip to Barcelona I discovered a vibrant restaurant called Ikibana, which may just be one of my best discoveries of all time. Ikibana has three restaurants in Barcelona, one in Borne, one in Parallel and one in Sarrià. Ikibana serves a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian inspired food which is extremely popular all over the world. The restaurant has fused together the two cultures and has created dishes with the most delicious flavours, ingredients, colours and textures.

I visited the one in Parallel in autumn 2018 and from the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left, the whole experience was truly unique.

They have perfected every single detail inside the restaurant, as well as the food. From the beautiful details with the curvy wooden ceiling and hanging tropical flowers, to the images, videos and vibey tropical house music, Ikibana is an oasis of tropical vibes. Some of my favourite dishes were their Yakimeshi, Yakitori and their Avocado Nigiri. There is so much on their menu, if you love asian food & sushi you will be spoilt for choice!

2. Flax and Kale // @flaxandkale

Flax and Kale. This place had been on my list for while, so last time I visited Barcelona I made sure that I made time to try this place. Like Ikibana, Flax and Kale has a real deep history which I really love. The owner of the restaurant, Jordi Barri, was so inspired by his parents’ vegetarian restaurant in Lleida Spain (one of the very first restaurants of that type to open in his town), that he wanted to open up the first healthy-flexitarian restaurant with the intention of promoting a lifestyle which values respect for our environment, our health and our people.

My first bit of advice is to get there early, by 11am there is usually a queue to get in, so the earlier you go, the better. Inside, the restaurant is superlight and spacious with very high ceilings which makes for the perfect chilled-out brunch. Everything on their menu sounds super delicious so I’d advise ordering a few meals and sharing them with your friend or partner. They offer everything from healthy salad bowls, to flexi-filling plates, veggie pizzas, small plates to share, smoothies and desserts. Trust me, the hardest decision of your day will be deciding what to order here.

3. Böl  // @bolbarcelona

This was a delightful little find close to where I stayed one time. Böl is located between Exiample & L’antia Esquerra de L’exiample on a quiet side street. This all-day brunch café is super small with a Nordic, minimalistic interior. As it is not as well known yet compared to Brunch and Cake and Flax and Kale, you can usually walk straight inside and get seated straight away. Böl is another café suited for veggies and offers everything from organic bowls and smoothie bowls to toasts, superfood lattes and more. This place is a little hidden gem and if you love your healthy greens and superfoods whilst being surrounded by lots of greenery then this is the café for you.

4. Bilbao Berria // @bilbao_berria

If you love your tapas, then this place with make your mouth water and your jaw drop. Bilbao Berria is located in the Gothic Quarter beside the Cathedral and is one of the best Basque pintxo places in Barcelona. As you walk through the restaurant you will pass the most vibrant and beautiful array of tapas. The variety and selection of tapas is one of the best I have ever come across – the Basque country is famous for its tapas and this tapas bar delivers.  

5. Cu-Cut Taverna Gastronòmica // @cucutbcn

So, unlike all the other restaurants listed on my best eats, this one is quite low-key but it made the list as their traditional Spanish dishes were just too good. The restaurant has a warm and inviting feel, there is a bar at the entrance which is perfect for tasting their selection of wines; towards the back of the restaurant is a living room style area which is perfect for those who like to sit back, relax and take their time whilst dining. They serve the most gorgeous gazpacho, as well as great patatas bravas. If you visit, make sure you check out their menú del día (menu of the day) for a tasty three course meal. If you’re looking for a place to unwind away from all the hustle and bustle, this place has the perfect ambience for a chilled evening.

6. Mauri Barcelona // @ pastisseriamauri

If you have a sweet tooth, then this patisserie is the one for you. I passed this patisserie several times noticing that so many people were going in and coming out with deliciously smelling fresh bread and sweets treats, so eventually I gave in and thought I must try it for myself. Mauri Barcelona oozes character and life inside. The founder, Francesc Mauri, opened the pastry shop in 1929 when he began his career as a pastry chef. The interior of the patisserie is grand and traditional with tall painted ceilings and shelves adorned with brightly coloured sweets and chocolates. The real surprise is with all of their freshly made sweets, chocolates and patisseries on display to takeaway and savour at any time. The restaurant also has a tearoom, restaurant and private living room, so it’s a great place to go for a celebration.

7. Cachitos Rambla // @cachitosrestaurants

Cachitos is an exquisite restaurant located in la Rambla and Diagonal. From the outside on Rambla de Catalunya the restaurant does not look that big, but when you enter, you enter into a fancy, sophisticated restaurant which stretches across multiple floors with a cool and avant-garde feel.

The menu offers a variety of indulgent dishes from tapas and seafood, to beautiful cured meats and seasonal dishes. Cachitos has a lot to offer. In the evening, the restaurant is dimly lit and has a real cosy and intimate ambience. Many celebrities have also visited the restaurant, so it is good to visit on a weekend evening if you want to get dressed up and go for a glam dinner.

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