Barcelona’s best eats

Bol, Barcelona

 1. GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL // @ghotelcentral

Whether you are on holiday with your friends, family or your partner, one of my top recommendations for an amazing sunset dinner (very romantic) with a unique view overlooking the city is the Grand Central Hotel. Ok, so at first it might not sound particularly amazing, you might be thinking that it is just a hotel, so how on earth is it going to be amaaazing?! But, believe me, if you decide to go for dinner here you will not be disappointed. As you take the lift from the lobby to the Skybar you will be struck by one of the most beautiful and serene outdoor spaces and views that Barcelona has to offer. The rooftop bar and restaurant with a terrace lounge on one side and an idyllic infinity pool on the other will take your breath away! As the sun sets over the city and the infinity pool changes colour you will feel like you’re on cloud nine! (Or at least I felt like I was on cloud nine anyway!) The food here is absolutely delicious (a little pricey) but totally worth it for a magical sunset dinner. You do have to make reservation if you’re not a hotel guest – so be sure to go around 8:30pm to catch the beautiful sunset over the city.  I will 100% remember this dinner and the incredible views to go with it for life, so I recommend that you go and see if for yourself.

2. BOCA GRANDE // @bocagrande

This restaurant is a little hidden gem tucked away in the city centre of Barcelona! Unlike Grand Central Hotel this restaurant doesn’t boast incredible views of Barcelona’s skyline, however what it does offer is an incredibly sophisticated setting for dinner with the freshest fish and seafood in town. Boca Grande meaning “big mouth” has a very unique atmosphere; the restaurant feels very intimate with an exceptionally stunning interior design.

But also the downstairs toilets are equally amazing too… perfect for all those selfie addicts out there! As well as the stunning settings inside the restaurant the toilets are also beautifully decorated – the toilets are dimly lit with lots of hanging mirrors and in middle of the toilets there is a large well, it’s tres cool.

I was lucky enough to go here to celebrate my best friend’s 21st birthday, so as you can imagine we took full advantage of the cool toilet settings for a selfie! But it doesn’t stop there, if that wasn’t enough there is also a photobooth inside the toilets, where you can get some pretty cool black & white snaps to remember the night! I may quickly just add that these toilets are unisex, so you may just find the odd man enter and look rather bamboozled thinking he is in the wrong toilets when he is not!

3. BRUNCH AND CAKE // @brunchandcake

Brunch and Cake is one of my all time favourites! I have been here every time I have been to Barcelona and I’m sure that I will continue to go until I have tried everything on the menu! Brunch and Cake offers big portions with fresh and high quality ingredients which is perfect if you’re a brunch lover/foodie (pig) like me! You can find Brunch and Cake in two very cool locations in Barcelona; the first is by the sea (close to Barceloneta beach & the Mare Magnum) and the second is tucked away in the heart of the city not far from Las Ramblas and Plaza de Catalunya. I personally would recommend going to the one inside the city. Although I haven’t been to the one by the sea, the one tucked away inside the city on a quiet side street gives you a more authentic experience of Barcelona, as opposed to being situated on the busy street by the beach with hundreds of people and motorbikes going past. One of the best things about the restaurant is the price! It’s not too expensive & it’s really good value for money considering that the portions are big! Everything on the menu is also beautifully presented too – even the coffees! So, if you are in Barca, I would definitely check this delicious spot out!


Another one of my Barcelona favourites is Carpe Diem Lounge Club (CDLC). Located on Barceloneta beach and decorated with Buddha statues and golden lanterns, this is the ultimate restaurant for good vibes and sophistication. Nothing beats watching the sunset with the W hotel in the distance and the relaxing atmosphere of this elegant bar and restaurant. They do amazing sushi platters here and amazing chicken satay, literally mouthwatering. (If you know me, you’ll know that I am a BIG foodie, so I’m not exaggerating when I say mouthwatering… I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven after that chicken satay skewer!) But one of the best things about CDLC is that it has it all: it’s affordable, it has an incredible atmosphere and most importantly  it has fabulous food!

5. SHOKO CLUB // @shokobarcelona

If you are a sushi lover then head here! This restaurant is a few doors down from CDLC. I personally prefer CDLC as the hanging lanterns and the Buddha statues make the outside terrace very pretty at night; however Shoko is definitely worth checking out too, especially if you are a sushi lover! I actually went to this restaurant for the lunch time menu. My friend had been before and said it was really good value for money and boy was he right. If you go here for lunch you can get the delicious 3 course lunch menu (with lots of options available) for around €16.50. What an absolute bargain! The menu is actually a fusion of Mediterranean and Asia cuisine, so you have got the best of both worlds!

6. EL LOBO // @grupotragoluz

El Lobo meaning “The wolf” is located just off Las Ramblas and is a very good value for money restaurant. The restaurant is beautifully decorated offering a very modern and unique atmosphere as the unusual décor of books hang from the ceiling. The restaurant also boasts an outside terrace; I would recommend eating al’fresco if it is a hot sunny day as there will most probably be musicians performing on the streets, and as it is located on a side street to Las Ramblas the outside terrace is the perfect place to escape and sit back and relax from the madness. I have been to El Lobo a few times and it never disappoints. They offer traditional Spanish tapas and it is soo good that I keep going back. So, if you ever find yourself on Las Ramblas and you don’t fancy a McDonalds, a Burger King or a Wok to Walk, then put El Lobo into your phone and head here for tapas and sangria!

7. ELX // @maremagnumbcn

In the heart of Barcelona’s port  is the Mare Magnum which is a beautiful and modern shopping centre with a number of restaurants. My friend and I decided to go to ELX restaurant as it was the last night of our trip and we craved paella; we read that ELX was one of the top places for paella in Barcelona so we decided to book ELX for dinner. If you fancy a change of scenery from beach views or rooftop views, this restaurant offers  beautiful sunset settings overlooking the port. The service is great here and the food isn’t that pricey which is a bonus, so if you fancy a romantic dinner by the port with a top paella then ELX is the one.

8. CHöK // @chokbarcelona

In at number 8 is my beloved little krönut café aka Chök. Unlike the others this isn’t actually a restaurant, it’s a bakery (tiny café). If you have never tried a krönut, then PLEASE, if you are ever in Barcelona go to Chök . You will not regret it. You will be amazed at their krönuts  which are all so deee-licious and beautifully decorated. When I went with my friends we sat at the back of the bakery eating our krönuts whilst the guy was decorating the fresh ones and giving us more krönuts to eat. Yup, as you can imagine I was loving the extra free krönuts. But I’ve since found out that the bakery offers a workshop which is something I would quite like to try out in the future. So, if you are in Barca, give Chok a google and try a krönut!

FullSizeRender 3

9. LA MAMOUNIA // @lamamouniabcn

Right, so it just took me about 10 to 15 minutes to remember the name of this one… so I hope this recommendation will benefit someone! If you love Morrocan/Middle Eastern/ Lebanese style food then you will love La Mamounia! The restaurant itself is tucked away in the heart of the city not very far from Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batlló. It may be a little difficult to find compared to the other restaurants I have mentioned, but if you love morrocan food then it is definitely worth eating here! From what I remember the food is absolutely delicious – it is very fresh and the insane flavours will make you feel as though you are in the gran plaza of Marrakesh!

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 18.25.28


Last but not least is La Boquería! So, I am sure you have all heard of Barcelona’s famous food market? Well this is it! If you find yourself by Las Ramblas during the day and feeling peckish then go here! La Boquería everythings from fresh fruit, to fruit smoothies, to tapas, to fresh fish, to asian food, to italian food… whatever you fancy, I am sure they have got it here. As this food market is famous it is usually packed full of tourists so it can be difficult to get a seat if you want to sit down and eat, but if you just want a little something whilst you are on the go exploring then La Boquería is the one!

la boqueria

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